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Wheat is the most widely produced and consumed cereal in the world.
In its natural state, wheat is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, E, as well as iron and zinc. Most of these nutrients are concentrated in the outer layers of the wheat grain, and are lost during the milling process in a significant proportion. For lower extraction rates of flour, the loss of vitamins and minerals is greater.
Fortification helps in adding back these nutrients. When widely practiced, enrichment improves nutrient consumption, individual work performance, and general public health.
Use of our specialised premixes (containing the necessary nutrients, cofactors and protective agents in appropriate quantities) simplifies processing and quality control, reduces costs and wastage, and improves nutrient quality and stability of the finished product. Our innovative processes produce micronutrient premixes which ensure that fortified flour will look, feel, taste and smell like unfortified flour.

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