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World Breastfeeding Week Recipe Competition

Recipe by Mr. Aman Yadav

Recipe Name: Fenugreek Paratha with tomato and tamarind chutney


Bajra flour – 50g, whole wheat flour-50g, fenugreek leaves -100g, soya chunks -20g, onion 10g, tomato -20g. , potato -20g, green chili -5g, coriander leaves -20g, tamarind pulp – 10g, fortified salt as per taste, turmeric -5g, fortified mustard oil -10g.

Method of preparation

  • Finely chop vegetables (green chilli ,onion ,tomato )

  • Boil fenugreek leaves and potatoes

  • Now take boiled fenugreek leaves and make paste and divide it into two parts • Now mash the boil potato and add chopped vegetables and half of the Fenugreek paste and add salt and turmeric and mix it well

  • Now take Bajra flour and whole wheat flour, add the remaining half of the Fenugreek paste, and knead it well . And using this dough make paratha

  • Put one teaspoon of fortified mustard oil on hot tawa and put paratha on tawa and let it cook

  • Now put some mixture of mashed potatoes and fenugreek on paratha and roll it well

Preparation of chutney

  • Take tamarind pulp and tomato paste and mix it well add salt and little amount of sugar in it and out chutney is ready .

Nutritional Information Table*:

  • (Energy, CHO, Protein, Fat, Iron / Folic Acid)

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