What is Sprinkles TM ?

Sprinkles is an innovative home fortification method to improve the health and well-being of women and children by combating vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Sprinkles is a 1 gram sachet that can be easily mixed into any food prepared at home. It does not interact with food components or significantly change the taste, colour or texture of the food to which it is added.

Sprinkles not only attempts to restore the nutritional status of preschoolers who are already undernourished, but also focuses on preventing malnutrition in mothers during pregnancy and in infants and young children during their first two years of life.

Community-based studies on Sprinkles involving both anaemic and non-anaemic children have been completed in more than eight international locations, all showing success in treating and preventing anaemia.

What Varieties of Sprinkles Micronutrients are Available?

Nutritional Anemia Formulation Sprinkles TM is a mix of five micronutrients for kids that comes in single one-gram is a mix of five micronutrients for kids that comes in single one-gram daily servings. It includes:

  •  Iron

  •  Zinc

  •  Folic Acid

  •  Vitamin A

  •  Vitamin C

Multi-Micronutrient Formulation Sprinkles TM   

  •  Vitamin D

  •  Vitamin E

  •  Vitamin B1

  •  Vitamin B2

  •  Vitamin B6

  •  Vitamin B12

  •  Copper

  •  Iodine

  •  Niacin

  •  Selenium

Who is Sprinkles TM

Sprinkles for Pregnant and Lactating Women also comes in single one gram daily servings. It contains the same vitamins and minerals as the Multi-Micronutrient Sprinkles, but the levels have been optimised for pregnant and lactating women. Micronutrient Powder for School Feeding Programs is a special variety that is specially formulated for school feeding programs. Each 8g sachet is enough for 20 servings.

A number of organisations all over the world use Sprinkles micronutrients, including:

  •  More than 20 national governments, provincial governments and ministries of health

  •  Over a dozen UN organisations and global NGOs focused on malnutrition and global health

  •  Multiple universities conducting pilot nutritional studies using micronutrient powders

  •  Nutritional Anemia Formulation Sprinkles TM is recommended for use in a number of child health and anaemia prevention programs

Who developed Sprinkles TM ?

Sprinkles were first developed by Dr. Stanley Zlotkin. They are used as a part of the Sprinkles Global Health Initiative. Watch this video for the complete background:

Where can Sprinkles TM  be purchased?

There are a limited number of nutritional Sprinkles manufacturers in the world. Hexagon Nutrition is happy to be an official supplier of Sprinkles micronutrient sachets. Please contact us for your orders.

Sprinkles in the Media

The use of Sprinkles TM to fight malnutrition in Kenya: 

SprinklesTM used in Guatemala as a cover on the

Today Show

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