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At Hexagon Nutrition, we put ethics and values before anything else. The top-line growth of the company with new markets and newer customers is the result of our dedication towards embracing our code of ethics and integrity. Employees are given liberty to implement ideas and the deserving ones are recognised with democratic rewards. The spirit of teamwork puts all of us together as a strong force in marching towards the idea of eradicating malnutrition.


Our work culture

  • Motivating work culture

  • Project-management focussed

  • Self-managing teams

  • High levels of professionalism

  • Transparency in all our communications

  • Employees are supported with professional developing programmes


Multi - Cultural Workforce

  • Dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual

  • Respectful, safe and gender equal workplace

  • Opportunities for gaining cross functional experiences


Perks and Benefits

At Hexagon Nutrition, our employees are provided with competitive salary. The HR team meticulously plans events and outings at periodic intervals keeping the mental health of our staff in mind. Other perks like medical insurance, flexible work culture, free meals are provided to all our employees. 


R&D Focus

Hexagon Nutrition practices an innovation is core of  strategy. The company is driven by the constant thirst for research. Our R&D department manages this complexity actively and efficiently while being adaptable to change. We have a strong presence in all major current and future focused fortification and malnutrition management products. Be it tailor-made premixes, encapsulated technologies, newer tools like novel RUFs, enzymes and FRK; we are the preferred manufacturing partner for global organizations. Our employees are exposed to a great learning experience at work.


Candidates are chosen through a panel-based selection process, Comprise members from various departments, to ensure fairness throughout the process of recruitment. Different domain specfic and general managerial traning programs includeing  on-the-job training, basic induction programme, refresher training, team training are provided depending on the requirements of the employees. Additionally we conduct regular performance appraisals greatly help employees in their vertical and horizontal mobility in their profession. Democratic rewards and recognition boosts our employees to have a healthy competition.

How are candidates 

recruited and trained?

Look at what our employees want to share
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"My association with Hexagon Nutrition is for the past one year. The company has given a great platform for learning. I find this work environment very friendly. The team has given me lots of opportunities in terms of hands-on learning from sophisticated equipment like HPLC. Apart from the professional growth, focus on employee fitness and well-being is also given importance. Webinars on fitness, weight loss gives us space to care about our health also."

- Aiswarya 


In India we operate from four different locations - Mumbai, Nasik, Chennai  and Tuticorin. We also operate from  Johannesburg.

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