Fortification Solutions For Healthier Generations.

Alleviating Hidden Hunger

Micronutrient Premix


Micronutrient premixes are blends of vitamins and minerals designed to combat hidden hunger. We have over two decades of experience in supporting fortification programmes globally.

Fortification of staples and consumer goods is an ideal way to address micronutrient deficiencies. Additionally, we are a leading supplier of customized premixes for reputed consumer brands across the world.

Malnutrition Products


The developmental, economic, social, and medical impacts of the global burden of malnutrition are serious and lasting, for individuals and their families, for communities and for countries. Malnutrition is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths. Lack of access to nutritious foods and poor feeding practices  contribute to malnutrition. Frequent infections also undermine a child's nutritional status. 

Clinical Nutrition


Developing upon its nutritional expertise, Hexagon Nutrition has created clinical nutrition products targeted at various therapy areas. Our products helps in nutritional support for both chronic and acute conditions.

Fortified Rice Kernels


Hexagon Nutrition is a preferred partner for international fortified rice brands. We produce FRK using

warm extrusion technology with sophisticated instruments. Kernels thus produced retain better

micronutrient levels and have longer shelf life in varied storage conditions compared to cold

extrusion. White coloured Ferric pyrophosphate is used in our FRK PREMIX as an iron source. This

does not lead to colour change of rice kernels and hence better accepted. Analytical tests have proven

micronutrient efficacy even in cooked rice.

Animal Nutrition


Our commitment to wholesome nutrition extends to ensuring the animals in the food supply as well as pets have the nutrition they need. We offer ready to use premixes of Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Amino Acids for fortifying a variety of animal feeds for Poultry, Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pets, and Aquatic Animals.

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Flour  Enzymes

Our expert research analysts conduct trials to produce more competitive and better performing variants and combinations of enzymes in many applications including bakery, beverage and dairy.